Branding & Promotion

Matrix+ is an integrated marketing communication agency, with one-stops professional marketing and promotion solution, includes: Strategic brand building, Marketing campaign, Event management, Public relations, Advertising, Design & Production and Talents arrangement with aim to provides exceptional and measurable outcomes to outstanding every brand uniqueness.


We spend time with our clients to understand their desires and ultimate goals in the best possible manner.  



Branding strategy

We believe that every brand is unique and every moment is a crucial time to value in brands. By getting under the skins of our privilege customers, we target to create meaningful branding strategies and craft powerful stories, through authentic and engaging activities that are forward thinking and audience appreciated. Achieving results by distinguish your brand from other competitors and making your brand successful.


 Marketing & Promotion

Marketing today requires a broader and deeper set of skills than ever before. Our team combine with fresh thinking, excellence creativity, incisive strategy with one-stop services to infuse value for your marketing campaign, also to show how your brand can fit into audience’s life! With the tailor-made marketing campaign, this provides a competitive advantage for your brand and to secure a unique position of credibility and trust in your audience’s mind.


 Event Management

We specialize in developing and implementing a range of event management services, from organizing a product launch, themed gala dinners, corporate seminar, VIP cocktail and fun days. By creating event theme & concepts, project management, venue selection, talents and entertainments arrangements, contractor arrangement and onsite support etc., we target to deliver a trustworthy services and also the unforgettable audiences experiences.


Public Relations

We believe that PR is the masterpieces of trust building process. A successful and effective communications no longer just grasping public’s attention, also building valuable brand reputations, enhancing brand relevance and cultivate trust through a mix of public relations skills. We amplify brand storytelling that connect and collaborate with media to promote understanding, manage perception and transforming consumers behavior through authentic and engaging experiential activities, making sure your potential audience understands your brand and services. We are the storytellers who bring strategy to your brand.



Advertising strategies that helper our valuable clients stand out in the crowd.  Our services including: outdoor, TV, transportation and press advertising with fascinating impressive ideas.


Creative Designs & Productions

An impressive design is worth than thousand words. From corporate identity, logo design, product packaging to a series of marketing collateral poster, brochure, print advertising campaign etc. development. Our goal is to help clients to tell story by producing attention-getting design which engage audiences and promote brand identity in an effective way. What’s more? We have strong relationships with several printing vendors, which ensures all project deadlines are met in a timely and cost-efficient manner.



Talents arrangement

A quality entertainment can bring a memorable experiences for your valuable guest, also this is the key elements for a successful event. We provide wide range of celebrities, models and performance entertainment. We ensure that clients do not have to face any hassles in terms of coordination or getting artists on a timely basis.


Matrix+ more than a branding agency, also your trustworthy and long-term business partner with one-stop brilliant marketing services.






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