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Our WeChat solutions include WeChat Official Account Setup, WeChat Advertising, e-Commerce, WeChat Pay and Marketing campaign.
WeChat is now the most popular app in China.
889 Million monthly active WeChat users globally.
Source: Tencent Biznext, 2016
WeChat has become a default social networking tool for China users.
50% of WeChat users spent 90 minutes per day in WeChat.
Source: Tencent Biznext, 2016
Monthly active WeChat Pay users and the average daily transaction value both exceed 600 Million.
Source: Tencent Biznext, 2016


WeChat official accounts continue to increase in importance and effectiveness in brands' marketing strategy in China. There are 3 types of official accounts:

WeChat official account - service account, subscription account and corporate account can broadcast information to its followers. The followers can discuss and leave the message in the broadcast message and repost in their own WeChat sharing section (WeChat moment).

We provide official account registration and one stop account management services for our clients. Contact Us today to learn more about how WeChat official account can contribute to your business!

WeChat subscription account


What’s WeChat Subscription Account
WeChat Subscription account is typically the most basic choice of the official accounts. It allows you to push frequent content to your followers. Account manager can broadcast one message per day. The account followers will see the update information in the subscription area.

The Benefits of WeChat Subscription Account
Compare to service account, subscription account allows sending out messages to followers much more frequently – once a day vs. once a week for service account. On the other hand, subscription accounts have much less integration options and advanced functionality that can be incorporated into service accounts.

One of the main disadvantages of subscription account is the way the messages are displayed: they will be grouped into one folder containing all the subscription accounts instead of being pushed to user's session list. This means that a follower has to go into that folder to retrieve the delivered content. Your profile sits in a subscription account subfolder and your followers are not sent push notifications upon receiving a post from your account.

Generally speaking, if your marketing strategy revolves around pushing content to users, subscription account can be just what you need. WeChat subscription account is mostly use for the daily news and information broadcast.

WeChat service account


What is WeChat Service Account?
WeChat service account is best for business and organization who want to access to advanced WeChat Official Account feature. Service account provides more APIs than subscription account and companies can build its own application, get inquiries and broadcast own promotion to followers. WeChat service account allow the account manager broadcast one message per Week.

The Benefits of WeChat Service Account
Service Account allows you to broadcast 4 messages per month. The broadcast message is displayed in line with the user’s personal contact. User can receive push notification and you can reply to any user message from time to time.

The design of the service account is using for providing services instead of message broadcast. If your goal is providing higher degree of functionality to your users through customized menu or offer integrated ecommerce inside the app, service account should be the one to consider

WeChat enterprise account


Enterprise accounts, that are sometimes called corporate, are designed for internal company use such as sharing memos, private group chat or as a simple project and task management system.

Enterprise accounts can also be programmed to integrate more complex functionality and they are becoming increasingly popular within China organizations. Also, in order to keep such internal networks secure, followers have to go through authentication process. This is quite unlike other accounts types where gaining more followers is pretty much the point.

Obviously, those accounts are not designed for marketing outside of a company.

International vs Mainland China WeChat Official Account

International WeChat Account
International WeChat Account
China WeChat users cannot access international WeChat Official Account registered outside of China.
Non-China WeChat users can access your international WeChat Official Account.
China WeChat Account
China WeChat Account
China WeChat users can access your WeChat Official Account Registered inside of China.
Non-China WeChat users can access your WeChat Official Account registered inside China.

An Official WeChat account set up outside of Mainland China is only viewable to International WeChat users and is not viewable to China WeChat users

China WeChat users, defined as anyone who registered their WeChat account using a China mobile phone number (+86), do not have access to WeChat International official accounts.
However, international WeChat users have access to both Chinese and international official accounts.

Both International and Mainland China WeChat users can view official WeChat accounts set up inside Mainland China.

For foreign companies, setting up an Official WeChat account outside of China means that their account won’t be seen inside China. If China consumers are your target market, registering an International WeChat official account is not able to reach your target market.

How To Get A China WeChat official Account

Unless you are China citizen or working with us, getting the China WeChat official account will be impossible because the WeChat official account require a legal Chinese entity, a China Residence ID & a China mobile phone number. Foreign company need to work with a trusted partner who has a Chinese entity and is willing to apply for an official WeChat account on your behalf.

Registering China WeChat Official Accounts outside of China
As a foreign company with no legal entity in China, you can open a Chinese official account through us. We can help you registering the China WeChat official account without any China Residence ID and China mobile phone number, all you need to do is contact us with the following information:

• Desired Display Name
• A list of desired names for your WeChat ID
• The associated email address
• Request a Service Account or Subscription Account
• A short introduction about your business.

Please contact us for the details of the services. We will give you the best solution.

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Verified vs Unverified Official Account


Currently, only China-registered businesses can have their WeChat account verified. Please contact us with the following information:

1. One China residence ID
2. China business profile (Company registered in China)
3. China mobile phone number
4. Business account operator ID and photo

differences between Account Types

Account Type
Unverified Subscription Account
Verified Subscription Account
Unverified Service
Message displayed in
sessions list
Message displayed in
subscription folder
Send 1 message
per day
Send 4 messages
per month
Direct communication
with followers
Interactive Menu

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