How Swarovski is winning over Chinese customers on WeChat?


The luxury brand Swarovski is trying to make use of the China-based social and messaging app to attract customers and meanwhile, for brand promotion. They have tried using this in 2017 for Mother’s Day Sale, allowing customers to buy directly from the app. This time, they are using it for Christmas promotion.

They have made use of the WeChat’s interactive campaign feature H5, a suite of mini apps which have more mini apps for click-to-purchase and games. Users can pin these apps as well, so as to be bookmarked for the period of campaign. QR codes are also provided in stores which connect to the campaign, so as to attract more customers to use the platform.

As WeChat is getting more popular, it is smart for Swarovski to use this method to promote their product and to enhance their brand image. First, customers can easily have a look at the items with the help of the app. Second, they no longer have to go in-store or surf the internet to search for their products. As they always use WeChat, they are often exposed to the products, or even buying them at ease. On top of that, the ‘pinning’ function can help building a long-lasting relationship between the company and the users, beneficial for companies

Social media can drive target audience, build relationship with your customers and help build brand loyalty. Using it as a marketing tool is definitely a good way to boost your sales, make your company more competitive.