Alibaba cooperates with Kantar – enhance brand image


Alibaba, a Chinese multinational e-commerce company cooperates with Kantar, a research, data and insight consultancy. With this partnership, brands are able to access the combined metrics via a newly developed platform.

There are 3 marketing insights and measurement tools, including ‘brand measurement and diagnosis’, ‘brand activation guidance and planning’ and ‘performance measurement and optimization’. All these can help transforming brand and improve product loyalty.

Real-time trends are highlighted for advertisers, and it is beneficial for them as they can follow the trend to promote their products. By using Kantar, target audience can be found easily and companies can make good use of this to make strategic promotions. Real-time brand trends can be looked at, so that marketers can act immediately. With the 3 newly implemented tools, reputations of the brands can be enhanced, meanwhile, avoid having counterfeits online.

Brand-building can be redefined once Kantar has provided data and research on campaign impacts, real-time trends and consumer behaviour.