Moschino works with Alibaba for China Launch


High end fashion brand Moschino partners with Alibaba to launch in China luxury market. The platform can provide Chinese consumers tailored shopping experience online and professional customer service.


Moschino have access to Alibaba’s technology, using it as an exclusive platform to promote it to luxury shoppers in China. It is reported that China has the most advanced digital marketing for luxury brands. With such large audience in Alibaba Tmall Luxury Pavilion, Moschino grasp this opportunity to win Chinese consumers.


With this partnership, first Moschino can target the Chinese market since there is high potential to earn more revenue in China. By providing them better experience, the relationship between consumers and Moschino can be maintained, benefit in long term. Second, Tmall Luxury Pavilion includes different luxury brands, meaning that most luxury brands start to aim on China’s luxury goods market. The economics of buying luxury goods in China is more attractive than before, and government may provide relevant policies to support this. Both parties will definitely benefit from this.


Moschino Unveils China Flagship on Alibaba’s Tmall Luxury Pavilion