Sunkissed increases sales with the help of YouTubers


A 300% increase in sales is reflected after launching its online advertising campaign, with the help of 5 beauty YouTubers. The brand is spread all over the industry, the views on the social media helps achieving consumer engagement.


It is reported than it is more successful than the use of other means of social media platforms. Consumers are willing to watch at least 10 seconds of video instead of ignoring the post in Facebook. People can thumb-up and comment after watching the video, and most importantly, someone sharing the experience of using the products online.


This online campaign mostly targets at the younger generation. They tend to go online to search for product reviews before purchasing. Also, for brands, in order to develop brand awareness, it is important to find some influencer to help promoting their products. The brand will eventually be more exposed and people may be more aware and or at least, trying build a relationship with the brand and the public.