Hong Kong Post

Hongkong Post issued a set of special stamps on the theme “Revitalisation of Historic Buildings in Hong Kong II”, together with associated philatelic products.

Historic buildings are a valuable heritage that we should treasure. This new set of six stamps under the same title this year to showcase six historic building revitalisation projects, namely Viva Blue House ($1.70), Oi! ($2.20), Green Hub ($2.90), Stone Houses Family Garden ($3.10), PMQ ($3.70) and Mallory Street Revitalisation Project ($5), with a view to enhancing public understanding and appreciation of the built heritage in Hong Kong. The six stamps are printed with a hot foil stamping effect to highlight the major functions and characteristics of the revitalised buildings.

Hongkong Post applied augmented reality (AR) technology for the first time to the stamp issue on “Revitalisation of Historic Buildings in Hong Kong II”. By scanning the specially designed stamps with the “HKPostStamps” mobile app, 3D models of the buildings on the stamps will be displayed. Brief introductions of these buildings and 360-degree photos will also be provided. Moreover, these 3D models of the buildings will be superimposed on a real-time background that changes from day to dusk to night, creating a brand new and immersive experience in stamp collecting.


This special set of stamps allows the HK Citizen get to know the original historic buildings with AR and app, also raise the public awareness of the heritage.

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