【PMQ Coffee Agenda 】2019.4.19-22

It is the time for a nice cup of coffee! See you here in PMQ! One of our client – COTI joined such a great event.

They have ordered the special packing box for their signature Hong Kong mini egg cake in coffee bean shape! That offers the coffee lovers another choice of easter gift than the ordinary chocolate eggs!

Here we offer not only nice coffee drinks, but also a platform for sharing coffee knowledge and culture! You can get to know coffee from bean to cup by joining Experience zone through cupping experience and brewing demonstration. Drip Bag Relay invites you to meet local roasters and taste their home-made drip bags. Coffee Masters teaches specific coffee knowledge in workshops, which are not often found in HK. Of course our kind and lovely baristas in the market welcome any kinds of questions about coffee.

The tough and rainy weather didnt stop the crowd with their passion in coffee!

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