Online Gifts Ordering System

With the increasing demand of centralize online gifts ordering systems, Matrix has developed a refine central gift ordering platform which perfect suit to our MNCs customers,  who need to allow their associates or branches offices in different district to place gift orders at one global intranet system (GIS), the web shops are designed with an user friendly interface and CMS system, operate via internet and intranet setup, to perform effective and efficient gift ordering solutions to MNC enterprise.


Our customers has benefited from a secure platform to order corporate gifts effectively, tremendously reduced logistic cost and administrative workload and enjoyed with proper reporting including stock level, billing to different departments and logistic tracking system.


Please contact us for GIS platform presentation and proposal, we can customize with your needs.


Every MNC enterprise is facing the same difficulties, how to manage the gift orders and inquiries from different countries departments?

GIS is not only a system to provide e-shop, it is also an established procurment and logistic operation system, data and orders are systemically recorded.

Simply three steps, all departments from overseas can finish their orders with proper billing, stock taking record and logistic tracing code generated.

Functions included:

We have established logistic and warehouse operation system in Hong Kong, all your gift merchandised will be kept at safe place.

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