WeChat Management and China Marketing Service

WeChat is one of the fastest growing mobile app in China, 2022, it has evolved from an instant messaging app to an all-rounded service meeting the digital needs of over 1.27 billion MAU in Q4 2021.

Each day, more than 120 million active users post in social networking Moments, 360 million users read Official Accounts articles, and over 500 million users access the WeChat MiniPrograms (Q1 2022) in a daily basis..

The marketing opportunities brought by WeChat are immense! It will have great potential for brands to seek business growth in China.

WeChatAgency.com is the service brand of Matrix Group specific in WeChat Marketing. We are helping hundreds of customers successfully build their go-to-market strategy through the WeChat and other China marketing solutions since the year of 2014.


WeChat gives your products the opportunities to share to the 1.27 billion monthly active users in China. Over the last few years, we have achieved great success in helping clients gain massive exposure through WeChat.

WeChat draws in a huge number of fans and rapidly enhances our clients’ brand visibility in Chinese market. We help brands can keep their customers informed about new tailor-made offers and targeted message through WeChat channel in a breeze.

Our Services

We customized the WeChat marketing plan for every company to make sure the targets Can be achieved. Our exceptional service will help your business get more customers in the door. Minimize your cost and generate maximum return!

WeChat Official Account Setup

China, Hong Kong and all overseas business entity are welcome to apply.

wechat official account

WeChat Moments Advertising

Moments is a social feed built into WeChat, and is the most popular social media feed in China. Moments Ads are native display ads that flow with other user generated content in a non-disruptive experience.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

We develop tailor-made CRM system integrating with WeChat to facilitate very effective sales and marketing strategies.


WeChat Official Account Administration & Promotion Management

Provide localization promotion campaign, program setup, weekly post feeding, advertising and analytical report.


WeChat Cross-Border Payment

All You Want at One Place

WeChat Payment for Physical Stores

Payment gateway setup and integration.

Our Works:

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